The escape

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Doctor Sarah Holden came round Thursday morning and we had the best doc chat so far. She showed me a picture of the tummy polyp it’s like a limpet, and explained exactly what the process of sorting it would be. She answered my whole list of questions the I had compiled and confirmed that all we were waiting for was the INR to be in range before going home. Then the oddest thing happened, they needed the bed so I had the staff chasing the phlebotomists, pharmacists and the leg ultrasound for me, believe me this does not happen! 12:30 was the ultrasound of the legs, all clear of clots, and by 13:00 I was out.

It is strange in the real world cars go fast! But it is oh so good. Home is a fab place, all your own stuff. Tala came back at 5 and Lai was on the 9 o’clock coach picked up some take out and all set for a fab long weekend.

Then it was sleep time, had taken most of the pain killers got a couple of devices to elevate me so that I am not lying flat and off to sleep hmmm that lasted a few hours but by 3am I was in as much pain as I was before I was admitted to hospital and popping pills, rubbish! Finished the night on the sofa, so not fixed yet :-(

Been to my doc this morning for my INR test, more blood! Nothing was handed over from the hospital did I expect anything else? But luckily I had everything written down and knew what I was taking so now all set for the start of the next 6 month process.

So what next? Need to keep on top of the pain and sort out sleeping, but things are definately looking up.

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