I will train tomorrow

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Well 2011 was quite a year for me, started it training for the London Marathon in the snow and then straight into training for the Eden project marathon. Between the two posting a 1:49 in the Tewksbury half marathon. Then it all stopped.

I was beginning to see the consequences of stopping running when the fleet half marathon “entry open” e-mail hit my inbox. So before I knew it I had signed up, dialed in training plan on the Adidas micoach website and was ready to train. That was it I thought.

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Leckhampton hill.

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I have not walked on Leckhampton hill


for ages, thrashed about on bikes yes but walked no.

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Prescott ward

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???? ?????

In the battle to find out just what caused the blood clots last year a few thing are in the pipeline, one of which has come round this being the removal of a benign tumour in my stomach area.

I arrived on the ward for 11am on the 11 March and waited in the day room for a bed to become available.*

4.27 km – the first run

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It’s been a while, with quite a lot going on.
To summarise the last 6 months I have:

• Had a smash and grab from the car.
• Been misdiagnosed with a fractured rib.
• Been admitted to hospital twice.
• Been correctly diagnosed with multiple blood clots on both lungs (Pulmonary emboli). Read the rest of this entry »

The escape

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Doctor Sarah Holden came round Thursday morning and we had the best doc chat so far. She showed me a picture of the tummy polyp it’s like a limpet, and explained exactly what the process of sorting it would be. She answered my whole list of questions the I had compiled and confirmed that all we were waiting for was the INR to be in range before going home. Then the oddest thing happened, they needed the bed so I had the staff chasing the phlebotomists, pharmacists and the leg ultrasound for me, believe me this does not happen! 12:30 was the ultrasound of the legs, all clear of clots, and by 13:00 I was out.

It is strange in the real world cars go fast! But it is oh so good. Home is a fab place, all your own stuff. Read the rest of this entry »

Hazelton ward

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My doc dr Khan came round at 2 ish wednesday and gave me loads of answers not direct answers to the tum questions but an assureance that everything is in place to answer them after I leave hospital. He also put my mind at rest that the sudden onset of pain that had that wiped the morning out was to be expected for the next 2 to 4 weeks and left with the plan of get the INR in theraputic range and continue recovery at home, hopefully friday. This left me feeling like I had all the answers and looking forward to going home.

Then 4 pm turned up and the bed manager arrived to say Read the rest of this entry »

The Nutter

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Well still in Cheltenham General Hospital, in terms of pain killers I took diclofenac and kicked the Tramadol last night.  Have to say I feel better for it :-) no itching and less pain has to be good.  But (there is that word again) the pharmacist is a an uber unhappy chappie (a girlie actually) as diclofenac is a real no no to be taken with walferin, it increases the risk of stomach bleed.  So stuck between that rock and a hard place again.

On to the nutter,  one of the patients turned nasty last night. Read the rest of this entry »

The endoscopy

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I have had the endoscopy now and think all went well.   I am being put on walferin again tonight to thin the blood.  So best case scenario is that I am out of here in 2-3 days time once in therapeutic range.

I have been prescribed diclofenac for my pain as this is better than tramadol that I have been on but does not always agree with walferin.  Pharmacy not happy doctor wins :-)

Hopefully that is it

But, there always is one,  the doc that I am under has requested that I be taken over by the respiratory team to move forward.  They are currently waiting for a bed.  Why would they move me if I am on my way out? Read the rest of this entry »

Pulmonary Emboli

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Hi all

3 weeks ago I went to Chelsea and Westminster hospital with lower right hand chest pains, after an ECG showed up that it was not heart related I was sent back to the waiting room for 3 hours.  When I was seen it took them 10 minutes to ask  me loads of questions including “have you been coughing” to conclude, without further tests, that I had fractured a rib coughing.

Never actually believed them but what can you do?  After a while I stopped the pain killers and carried on with my life, 2 weeks later I was watching the apprentice the interviews and at the start of the program I was thinking I have a twinge again and by the end I was in real pain.  2:00am I gave in and headed for A&E, 2 hours later and a mix up with lost notes and the like I was admitted to Cheltenham General Hospital Read the rest of this entry »


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Following on from falling off a ladder, I gave in to the professional. I have also now worked out that there was far more work involved than I had the time to do!

So from the start the chimney was in dire straights really, I had been out on the roof a couple of times to retrieve “stuff” this being the last occasion:

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