Hyde Park Calling Part 2 + Mallet Finger

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Headline acts – Crowded House & Peter Gabriel

Crowded House

Great stuff, all the original tracks were played with skys like thunder as it had been on and off all afternoon, and then it broke.  When I say rain I mean a huge bucket in the sky opened, 20 seconds from dry to soaked to the skin.   There was a mass scramble for umbrellas and waterproofs, the music stopped a few minutes after and we had to sit it out.  Suppose it must have lasted 10 minutes or so not really sure, but it stopped as fast as it started.  We then in the realisation that we were actually really wet and getting cold now, then I noticed :
No that is not a party trick thar finger really is bent at the end and no I could not straighten it !

Peter Gabriel

Great stuff, sounds exactly the same as he ever did, now bald and a lot older but just great.

Bus back to Lavender Hill and food at the Thai resuaurant next door to Lais place, and off to bed V happy.


Woke Sunday and first thing I thought of, finger, nope still bent :-( Once back in Cheltenham rang emergency doctor who said A&E mate.  Off down there, Sunday @ 7 ish is a good time to go there, straight through Doctor, X-ray, Doctor and diagnosis, Mallet finger, outcome:
Wear this for 6 weeks mate, if it comes off and the finger bends the clock starts again, don’t get it wet or dirty bye.  How impracticle is that, but suppose I will have to get used to it. 

1 day in and after splint came off once and the fact that I can move the finger in the splint off to my doctors I went  “cant help you” so hospital it was, next size down splint too small I will fit another type of splint:
Do these people have no idea ? 1 this only as strong as the bottom piece of tape and within 5 mins of being on the finger was already bent, 6 weeks like that would do nothing.

I am off to the Fracture clinic 27/06/2007 will see what they say, but I a lining myself up for 6 weeks of splint wearing.

3 Responses to “Hyde Park Calling Part 2 + Mallet Finger”

  1. timhatcher Says:

    Hi there Johny the home made splint worked wonders it held the tip of the finger in exactly the correct position and the finger is completely normal again : )

  2. Erica Says:

    How long did it take for your finger to look completely normal again? I was diagnosed with mallet finger 6 weeks ago and after the splint came off my finger is still slightly deformed. It was my left ring finger also.

  3. timhatcher Says:

    Hi there, it seems like this finger is prone to mallet finger! Erica mine was OK when the splint came off, but I did make my own splint see Mallet Finger part 2 http://t1.org.uk/?p=20 but I hope yours gets better with time. Oisin good luck for the removal of the splint.

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