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Well still in Cheltenham General Hospital, in terms of pain killers I took diclofenac and kicked the Tramadol last night.  Have to say I feel better for it :-) no itching and less pain has to be good.  But (there is that word again) the pharmacist is a an uber unhappy chappie (a girlie actually) as diclofenac is a real no no to be taken with walferin, it increases the risk of stomach bleed.  So stuck between that rock and a hard place again.

On to the nutter,  one of the patients turned nasty last night. A guy from sheffield visiting Cheltenham could be homeless not sure but he ended up here.  At midnight he walked the ward trying to provoke all the patients then security turned up, well 4 overweight blokes, and he got someone to banter with then! Doctor calmed him down @ about 12:45 but I think it all went off after that as the next time woke the heavies were back and he was being wheeled back in in a chair.

Lets hope they kick him out today, or me but not for the same reasons.

Phlebotomist has been round to take blood this morning including a tube for the test that was asked for by the doc doing the endoscopy yesterday, so those results should be back today.

May move wards today :-)

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