The endoscopy

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I have had the endoscopy now and think all went well.   I am being put on walferin again tonight to thin the blood.  So best case scenario is that I am out of here in 2-3 days time once in therapeutic range.

I have been prescribed diclofenac for my pain as this is better than tramadol that I have been on but does not always agree with walferin.  Pharmacy not happy doctor wins :-)

Hopefully that is it

But, there always is one,  the doc that I am under has requested that I be taken over by the respiratory team to move forward.  They are currently waiting for a bed.  Why would they move me if I am on my way out?

The guy doing the endoscopy said that I needed an ultrasound of my food pipe (sure the food pipe bit is dumbed down for me) and another blood test, but nobody can tell me why or what for, none of this looked urgent.   Looking it all up on the puter however including the name of the blood test I am just scaring myself so I need to stop.

Lets just go with 2 – 3 days sort out walferin and home ye-ha!

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