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Following on from falling off a ladder, I gave in to the professional. I have also now worked out that there was far more work involved than I had the time to do!

So from the start the chimney was in dire straights really, I had been out on the roof a couple of times to retrieve “stuff” this being the last occasion:

Then we met Jeremy, well we had met him a few times as he lives just down the road,  a price was agreed and the scaffold wagon pulled up

and in a flash were were game on:

Starting from the top the roof needed sorting, there was no lead on the parapet wall, just the old sand and cement fillet that was also on its last legs so roofers arrived:

As did the surveyor due to the comment that I needed a new roof, sharp intake of breath, but nahh it will last for ages, phew.

Then pretty soon the ridge was sorted:

and parapet all leaded:

I left one morning after lending out my Kango hammer to come back to pillars bare:

end wall fully re-rendered

(great use for the news of the world to dry it out a bit).  The chimney back to brick with a scratch coat:

and not far behind that was the paper treatment for the pillars:

and the chimney sorted:

Whilst all this was going on the skin was coming along after much raking and filling:

the paint then hit the walls:

Given time and the chimney was ready to paint:

And the porch under attack:

And then just cos I had scaffold This is GWT from above:

Watch this space as it is all due to be finished soon!

One Response to “Renovations”

  1. Weon Says:

    Looking good Mr H – it looks like it’s been a “Oooh, I’ll sort that this weekend” job that turned into an “Argh! Will it ever be finished!” job.

    Still, it’ll be worth it.

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